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We want you to be a total show off the next time your out with friends and someone orders a Scotch or Whiksey! Learn about the history of this magical (mystical) elixir, the different flavors (called expressions) and how to properly smell, taste, and enjoy whiskey! Our 2022 Top Shelf Seminar lineup includes expressions from Scotland’s The Glenlivet distillery, as well as small batch Kentucky bourbon whiskeys from Rabbit Hole and Jefferson’s distilleries, each with their own, unique characteristics.

Each Seminar features 10 top-shelf spirits

The Glenlivet Enigma
This highly anticipated, an enigmatic Glenlivet Enigma is the second in The Glenlivet mystery series following releases Alpha, Cipher, and Code. Bottled at 48% ABV. No cask information. No tasting notes. Can you solve the puzzle?
The Glenlivet Nadurra Peated
Our latest expression in the Nàdurra family boldly draws its inspiration from The Glenlivet’s historic whisky-making traditions in which peat smoke was used to dry the malted barley, lending a smoky flavour to the whisky.
The Glenlivet 18
If you're a fan of sipping scotch, you will find something special in The Glenlivet 18 Years of Age. A fine scotch that features elegant flavors and a long finish, this whisky is perfect for savoring on a quiet night.
The Glenlivet 12
The Glenlivet 12 is first matured in traditional, then American oak casks. The latter barrel imparts notes of vanilla and gives the whisky its distinctive smoothness. This classic single malt has a rich and fruity taste with a long, creamy and smooth finish. Its delicious flavour is delicately balanced with strong pineapple and vanilla notes.
Rabbit Hole Boxergrail
Boxergrail is a Kentucky Straight Rye in a class of its own. This premium American Whiskey boasts a lavish bouquet of spice and butterscotch. When imbibed, you taste flavors of citrus and black tea, giving this rye a perfect balance of sweet and spice. The depth of flavor found in this rye can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.
Rabbit Hole Dareringer
Rabbit Hole Dareringer is a super-premium Straight Bourbon Whiskey that is carefully crafted by taking fine wheated bourbon aged in alligator char barrels and resting it in hand-selected Pedro Ximenez Sherry casks from Spain’s renown Casknolia Cooperage. The resulting whiskey is an unmistakably balanced expression that blends modern and traditional whiskey making.​
Rabbit Hole Heigold
Heigold is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey made with a high percentage of rye. It lures you in with a beautiful aroma of toasted malt and warm baking spices. On the palate, Heigold opens with silky butterscotch and hints of bright citrus finishing with a thrilling crescendo of pepper spice. While great neat or on the rocks, a high proof of 95 allows Heigold’s bold flavors to shine in any cocktail.
Jefferon's Very Small Batch
Jefferson’s Bourbon is made in very small batches. Actually, ridiculously small batches. We take up to four different Kentucky straight bourbon whiskies of different ages and marry them together. Doing this, we get a lot of complexity and balance while maintaining the consistency needed in a bourbon. We wanted to make it big enough for the connoisseur, yet approachable for people just getting into the premium bourbon field.
Jefferson's Reserve
Jefferson’s Reserve is a big, sophisticated bourbon that has a lot of flavor up front, a lot of weight mid palate and a deep, wonderful finish.
Jefferson's Ocean
A thick, dark bourbon that showcases complex flavors reminiscent of other spirits; the almost black color and caramel flavors resemble a dark rum as the sugars within the barrels caramelized; the briny, savory taste from the barrels breathing the sea air is reminiscent of Islay Scotch; and at its core, it’s a true bourbon.