Everyone’s definition of a “perfect day” is something different. For some it’s laying in bed and doing absolutely nothing. For others its filling your schedule with more activities that are humanly possibly to complete. Ask anyone and they’ll most likely give you a quick synopsis of what they would do with their 24 hours. Hey, even infamous early 2000’s 2-hit wonder Hoku wrote a song about it (sun’s up, it’s a little after 12… make breakfast for myself…leave the work for someone else). And while staying in bed all day does sound amazing, now’s not the time to burrow into your covers. Get up and head down to Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest because there are multiple perfect days waiting for you indoors Fremont Studios.

The Perfect Day for the BEER LOVER
There are 40+ beers confined in one neat package. Don’t try and hide your excitement. 

What Ticket To Buy: Beer Admission (+ use promo code BARREL for 3 additional tokens)
What Day To Come: Saturday afternoon – come early and miss the crowds… quicker access to all the best beer.
What Not To Miss: Up and coming breweries such as Payette Brewing Co. and Ten Pin Brewing Co. are bringing flavors such as Mutton Buster and Groove Pineapple Wheat respectively, and old favorites such as Deschutes Brewery are bringing new flavors like Pacific Wonderland Lager. We’re personally pretty excited about Wild Ride Brewing Co.’s Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter, which has been described as a peanut butter cup in a glass. Yummo.
Insider Tip: Guinness is bringing two very exciting experiences you can’t miss. Learn to pour your own pint AND try some coffee infused Guinness from their special Infusion Project.

The Perfect Day for the WHISKEY LOVER
Two carefully curated Whisk(e)y flights available in on place. Is this a dream?

What Ticket To Buy: Beer & Scotch Admission… Don’t love beer, don’t worry – you can use those tokens for the signature cocktails (The Glenlivet and Jameson each have one to offer), Plus add on a Scotch 101 Seminar
What Day To Come: Friday – enjoy the 7pm Seminar plus the flights!
What Not To Miss: Both flights obviously! Joining the OG Scotch Flight (ft. The Glenlivet and Aberlour, with a couple of new faces) is the Irish Whiskey Flight. Compare and contrast smoothness of Jameson Irish Whiskey with the depth of flavor found in The Glenlivet Scotch. Plus, add on a Scotch 101 Seminar and you’ll learn how to truly enjoy Scotch from one of the few Masters of Scotch in the world.
Insider Tip: You can buy an additional Sprit Flight at the Bottle Shop, Merch Shop, or right at the Spirit Garden itself.

The Perfect Day for the NON-BEER/WHISKEY DRINKER
While Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest’s name is not #alternativefacts (there are plenty of Beer and Scotch to go around), there is also plenty for the non-beer/whiskey drinkers to enjoy. 

What Ticket to Buy: Beer Admission (+ use promo code BARREL for 3 additional tastes)… those tokens are good for more than just beer
What Day To Come: Friday or Saturday… this one is totally your choice!
What Not To Miss: The beer lineup features 3 different cideries (Atlas, 2 Towns, and Number 6) bringing flavors such as The Bad Apple and Pomegranate. Not a cider drinker? Don’t worry, Barefoot Wine is bringing their new Refresh cans! Not a wine drinker? Don’t worry, we have 2 signature cocktails to enjoy. Seriously, we have options.
Insider Tip: You can buy the new Barefoot Wine Refresh cans in the Celebrity Cruises Bottle Shop sans sales tax!



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