Number 6 Cider

Seattle, WA

Number 6 Cider was born on the tracks of Seattle’s Interbay rail yard. Along track Number 6, iron giants lumber by our cidery windows, symbols of American progress and reminders of those who toiled to connect us all. Their freight brings us our 6 varietals of 100% Washington apples. We use no more than 6 ingredients to make our natural, small batch ciders. When the work is done, we hoist our pints to the Number 6. It’s 6 o’clock somewhere! “Onward”
Spiced Pear
A rich complex depth of flavor experience, like taking a bite of fresh baked apple pie at grandma's house, but one that you drink and have a great time among your friends and family. It is a semi-sweet cider, and the pear and cinnamon give the illusion of being a touch sweeter, but still delivers a clean, crisp finish on the pallet with notes of delicious apple pie. ABV: 6%
Whoa! Easy big fella. Poma what? The unexpected early star of our ongoing flavor experiments, this full-flavored cider brings tart apple refreshment together with a hint of berry finish – a surprising and consistent taproom favorite